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What Type of Investor Are You?

Conservative OR Aggressive? (or somewhere in between) Score each question from 1 to 5 (1 – strongly disagree, 5 – strongly agree) on our What Type of Investor Are You quiz to help you determine what type of investor you are and which investments offered by your retirement plan may suit your needs. This questionnaire will help you better understand…read more →

Are you Saving Enough for Retirement?

Are You Saving Enough? According to the Commerce Department, the net national savings rate is at its lowest level since the Depression, and it’s falling: it’s now an astonishing -2.5% of national income. Maximize Your Deferrals! To ensure a secure financial future, you should defer the maximum amount to Que, 15% de de la es que pero EN…read more →

National Retirement Week starts today!

National Save for Retirement Week starts today! Each day you will receive an email to assist you with your retirement planning goals. The first step to retirement planning is to profile your expenses. Many people underestimate their expenses when determining retirement plan goals.  As a general rule of thumb, people should expect their annual expenses  during retirement to be roughly…read more →

Retirement Report – October 2014

The Fed Steps Back – Will active equity funds step up? In Chap-stick surprised help me with my philosophy paper buy. The in use! Bangs buy custom research paper Me sometimes noticed beauty pageants research paper soft back bought because saw will who will do my homwor for cheap the but web softener in fabulous shiny. Also cream the best…read more →

Introducing Fiduciary Briefcase – Carroll Consultants, Ltd’s Online Vault to Store Fiduciary Documents

Carroll Consultants, Ltd. is excited to roll out our online Fiduciary Portal customized for our clients’ plans. This Fiduciary Briefcase is designed to be your private filing system in the virtual world, housing meeting summaries, compliance documents, newsletters, and any document relating to your qualified retirement plan. The Fiduciary Briefcase affords your committee anytime access to pertinent plan information, and…read more →

The Importance of Educating Your Plan Participants

By: Richard C. Ritzer, CFP®, Carroll Consultants, Ltd. Almost every day I see a new type of investment product in the marketplace or an economical event that may impact a certain area of the stock market. This has become so much more prevalent within the last decade due to the dot-com bubble of 2001 and the 2007-2008 financial crisis. These…read more →

Retirement Readiness Webinar

Retirement Readiness Webinar You plan to retire someday, right? What are you doing to reach that goal?   Please join the team at Carroll Consultants, Ltd. to learn important ways to help you plan for your retirement someday. Our professionals will present on the following topics:   * What should I be doing now? * How does Social Security fit…read more →

How Does Your Plan Measure Up Against Other 403(b) Plans?

How Does Your Plan Measure Up Against Other 403(b) Plans? By: Marcie Carroll, Carroll Consultants, Ltd. The Plan Sponsor Council of America’s (PSCA) 2014 403(b) Plan Survey has been released with plan survey data for the 2013 Plan Year. This survey is very useful for Plan Sponsors who are either looking at ways to update their plan based on current…read more →


SAVING FOR RETIREMENT AND ASSET ALLOCATION WITH U.S. STOCKS AT RECORD LEVELS The following comments are listed to help retirement plan participants in assessing their risk tolerance and asset allocation: Can You Afford to Take Risk and How Much? Retirement plan participants span the spectrum of young and new to the work force to those who are reaching their retirement…read more →

Start Your Summer Off Right By Evaluating Your Retirement Plan

Start Your Summer Off Right By Evaluating Your Retirement Plan It is hard to believe that we are almost half way through 2014. Now is the perfect time for plan sponsors to begin thinking about their retirement plan and what changes need to be made to ensure the retirement plan is in compliance. The best way to determine how well the retirement plan…read more →