Financial Wellness Weekly

Financial Wellness Weekly

Financial Wellness Weekly
by Marcie Carroll – Carroll Consultants, Ltd.

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Monday, May. 7, 2018

Common Risks That Can Ruin Your Retirement
www­.investopedia­.com – Shared by Tiffany Thomas

thumbnail The most careful plans and preparation for retirement can fall apart due to any number of things: an unexpected death, lengthy illness, a stock market crash or a pension plan that goes bankrupt. In a…

Toward A New Paradigm: From Financial Inclusion To Financial Wellness
www­.forbes­.com – Shared by Dan Feaheny

thumbnail For the last two decades, many organizations — from financial institutions and philanthropic organizations to think tanks — have embraced the concept of financial inclusion. They’ve reckoned that t…

26% of Seniors Say Life Is Worse in Retirement
www­.fool­.com – Shared by AOL Finance

thumbnail When we think about retiring, we like to imagine ourselves kicking back and snagging a piece of the good life. Unfortunately, things don't always shake out that way. In fact, 26% of seniors retired f…

Build a Solid Retirement Plan Around 4 Pillars of Success
www­.kiplinger­.com – Shared by Jonathan DeYoe

thumbnail The term “living paycheck to paycheck” has become the go-to phrase for people who are just getting by. They mostly have their monthly income figured out, but there’s no emergency fund — and they aren…

How Long Will My Savings Last? – Fidelity
www­.fidelity­.com – Shared by Thangaswamy

thumbnail When it comes to saving for retirement, you want to make sure you enjoy your “someday.” That means a strategy built for the long haul—these days, retirement often last 25 years or more. That’s why we…

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