Announcing Carroll Consultants’ 2014 Webinar Series

Carroll Consultants, Ltd. and Carroll Consultants Advisors, Ltd. will present a series of webinars geared towards educating retirement plan fiduciaries and sponsors on their responsibilities to participants and beneficiaries, and how to keep the plan in compliance with ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code.


The first webinar will take place on April 1, 2014.  This webinar will focus on Investment Policy Statements (IPS).  It will answer questions such as what is an IPS?  What should be included in an IPS?  And why does my plan need an IPS?  We will send another communication to all who may be interested in attending to sign up.


Future Webinars (Dates TBD)


July 2014- Retirement Readiness- Are Your Participants Ready for Retirement?


October 2014- Target-Date Funds- What Are They and Which Ones Are Right For My Participants?


December 2014- Financial Planning For Life’s Circumstances